About Voidwalker Audioworks

We're all about metal. We grew up listening to metal music. We've played in local metal bands which ultimately led to us learning about our craft.

We started writing music of our own and began producing for others.
What started out as trying to record our own band's songs got us more interested in providing an overal better quality in sound and material.

Now, almost 10 years later, we are able to fill that void in recordings, getting you top-notch quality tracks and productions.

Looking to record your next Single, EP or Album?

This is how we go about!

Contact Us

Write us to let us know you're interested! Tell us what you're looking for and what your music is all about.


we'd like to discuss some of your band's goals, expectations and also what you'd like the finished product to sound like. What are some of your influences?


In this phase, we're able to help co-produce any of your songs. The goal is to enter into the major recording phase of production with the basic and most promising ideas having been already established.


We record bass and guitars. We use a high quality DI for recordings and re-amp the signal later during the mixing stages, no expensive guitar cabinets needed.


In the mixing stage of a project,
we'd like for us to communicate on a regular basis to
keep expectations up and to avoid any miscommunications.


The icing on the cake.
Are you happy with the final mix? Then it's time to
make your track Media-ready and create your very own CD.

Pricing Tables

  • Recording
  • €75 per track
    • Recording Bass and Guitars
    • No guitar cabinets needed!

  • Contact Us
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • €125 per track
    • Mixing & Mastering pre-recorded tracks
    • Guitar Pro or MIDI files along with vocals & guitar DI's are preferred!
  • Contact Us
  • Singles, Demos & Albums
  • €150 per track
    • Recording, Mixing & Mastering from scratch
    • If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Productions