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Voidwalker Audioworks

Recording, Mixing & Mastering studio for Music, Games and Film.


We're capable of recording almost any instrument using analog or digital gear. Looking to record your music?
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Mixing is a form of art just like any musician playing his favourite musical instrument. Everyone does it differently.
Want to know how we mix music? Click here to listen.


Mastering, a form of audio post-production, is the process of optimizing sound translation for all playback systems.
Mastering is included in all of our services.


Need special FX, music, sound design, foley or dialogue replacement for your video game or movie? Anything is possible! Click here to contact us.

Recent News

Started a collaboration

Posted May 20, 2017
We've recently gotten the opportunity to work in collaboration with "De Scheveningse Muziekschuur"!
For anyone interested in recording acoustic instruments like percussion, drums or vocals with us, this means we'll be able to use their modern rehearsal rooms for recording purposes.

In addition, we've updated our prices accordingly:
Recording 3 Songs in 4 hours, mixing & mastering included, €290,- plus €10,- for every extra hour needed to record.

Interested in recording?

Mixing Instrumentals

Are you a beatmaker or instrumentalist and are you looking to get your tracks mixed? This would be your pick.
  • No vocals
  • Mixing Instrumentals Only
  • Mastering Included!

Mixing Bands

Mixing bands that have recorded live instruments like guitars, bass, drums, vocals, synths, piano, etc.
  • All Instruments
  • Full Band Mix
  • Mastering Included!

Full Service Package

290/3 tracks.
Price includes recording in our Rehearsal Room for a limited time of 4 hours. For more recording time we'll charge €10,- per hour.
    Recording in our Rehearsal Room
  • Full Band Recording & Mix
  • Mastering Included!